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Pass A Grille Beach Weddings Emergency Kit Essentials

Pass A Grille Beach weddings are some of the most romantic and beautiful weddings there are. We have professional planner packages available to make sure your special day goes smoothly.  Pass a Grille Beach Weddings

Our coordinators are present from start to finish when you book our wedding planner packages to ensure that issues are prevented and dealt with seamlessly.  

However, if you’ve decided not to use our day of services, or you just want to be extra prepared, you can pack an emergency kit to ensure that little mishaps are easily resolved.  Since beach weddings are so unique, here are some items you may want to add to your emergency kit.

Pass A Grille Beach Weddings 911 Essentials

The first item on the list is Duct Tape.  What’s great about Duct Tape in this day and age is that it comes in all colors, so you can pick the color that would best blend with your theme.  Since it’s a heavy duty solution, it can withstand the beach winds, and can be used in dire emergencies such as bouquet bindings coming unraveled, unsteady décor, or even a broken shoe.

Extra hair pins are a must for a beach wedding.  As beautiful as the weather will likely be at your Perfect Florida Beach Wedding, moisture and the ocean breeze can be major factors when it comes to your ‘do.  Cosmetically, you may also consider bringing extra lip gloss and mascara for last minute touch ups before you walk down the aisle!

The Florida heat can be overwhelming if you’re from out of town, so bring a few bottles of water and a light snack to help prevent dehydration.  Keeping a small fan is also recommended so that you do not perspire through your makeup.

Sunscreen, preferably in a spray form, is perfect for your bridal emergency kit.  If you are standing in the sun for a long time taking pictures, you’ll need to protect that skin from the sun!  Just spray carefully, so that you do not hurt your dress.

If you’re wearing dressy shoes, a pair of flip flops is always recommended for beach weddings.  You can wear these before you change your shoes, or keep them aside for the moment you are ready to kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable.

In addition to your beach specific items, you will want to pack the usual items for a bridal emergency kit.  Baby powder to stay cool and dry, stain remover in case of little accidents, bug spray to ward off pests, scissors for emergency tailoring and redecorating, and a needle and thread for rips and tears are popular items that will help in multiple situations.

We do our best on your special day to make sure that nothing goes wrong, but items outside of our control may lead to the necessity of your emergency kit.  To be prepared to quickly handle any little hiccups, pack an emergency kit before any Pass A Grille Beach weddings and have a trusted friend or your Perfect Florida Beach Wedding coordinator keep it handy the day of.   

Pass A Grille Beach Weddings Emergency Kit Essentials was last modified: May 26th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"
Don’t Book a Resort Destination Wedding

Don’t Book a Resort Destination Wedding

Some see resort destination weddings as the perfect answer to all their nuptial needs. Resorts are immaculate, providing a beautiful setting for the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. No need to travel to a separate location from the ceremony to the reception, and the catering is all taken care of. After the festivities, guests can simply go to their rooms or enjoy the amenities of the resort. No need to travel for the honeymoon either, because you are already there. Everything. All in one convenient location.

An alternative route to a resort wedding that many brides wished they had gone is to hire a company to organize your wedding at a local beach. This is a more affordable option, and you have more say in the catering and decor.  Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can tailor your beach wedding to your specifications at an affordable rate.

Many who have booked as resort destination wedding become disappointed and disenchanted with their decision and discover that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Ironically, what people find ideal about resort destination weddings end up being drawbacks.

Where Is Everyone?

The top complaint to guests attending resort destination weddings is the cost. Unless you plan on paying for your guests’ travel expenses and hotel stay, you can expect a small turn out. Many people will not be able to make it because they just can’t afford to.

What Honeymoon?

Of the few guests that are able to make it will be your parents and in-laws. The convenience of not having to go anywhere, gets eclipsed by the fact that your family will be constantly around. While this doesn’t sound like a drawback, think about it. You’re relaxing in the hot tub getting some PDA time in with your spouse, when out of no where, “YooHoo! Fancy seeing you here! Did you all do the hanky-panky last night?” Followed by profuse giggling from the older set. You won’t have a whole lot of privacy.

Passports & Paperwork

If you book your resort destination wedding outside the U.S., you and your guests will have to arrange for passports. The traditional passport book costs $110, plus $25 execution fee. If it’s your first passport, you must apply in person. Standard processing time takes 6 weeks, although some have reported it taking as long as 6 months.

Also, some countries have different requirements for a legal marriage. Civil ceremonies are recognized as marriage in some foreign countries, but a religious ceremony alone is not accepted in the U.S.

Suffice to say, there are certainly a few cons to booking a resort destination wedding. Think about the alternative route and hire a company to organize your wedding at a local beach. It will be more affordable and you’ll be happier with the end result. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can tailor your beach wedding to your specifications at an affordable rate. Call us today at (813) 852 – 2795, or contact us online to discuss your plans.

Don’t Book a Resort Destination Wedding was last modified: March 17th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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