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St. Pete/Clearwater Beach Wedding Package That Works..

A while back I posted about our weekday Lion’s Club Wedding Packages in St. Pete and Clearwater. We’ve been so busy this year that we’ve fallen a little behind on updating the blog. Finding the time to sit down and write a blog post is always the first thing to go when wedding season starts. 🙂

We recently had a weekday wedding on the beach and I wanted to share some images! I promise I will try to get more blog posts out soon. 🙂

st pete clearwater beach wedding st-pete-beach-wedding-002 st-pete-beach-wedding-003_1 st-pete-beach-wedding-004 st-pete-beach-wedding-005 st-pete-beach-wedding-006_1 st-pete-beach-wedding-007_1 st-pete-beach-wedding-008 st-pete-beach-wedding-009 st-pete-beach-wedding-010_1

Although there is a hall available, this location can also be set up outside with string lights, etc:

st pete clearwater beach wedding


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Beach Wedding Ideas in Florida And Perfect Decor Packages

Decor packages and beach wedding ideas in Florida can be overwhelming. Beach Wedding Ideas in Florida

When you envision your dream wedding, we at Perfect Florida Beach Weddings know that two of the main items you are thinking about are your location and décor.  

The Florida beaches we work with on a regular basis provide stunning backdrops for your wedding ceremony.  

As experts at decorating for beach weddings, we are able to provide decorations that are perfect for the beach, both logistically and decoratively.

Decor & Beach Wedding Ideas in Florida

We offer a variety of décor packages for your beach ceremony that will make any couple happy with the result!  All of our décor packages include twenty five ceremony chairs.  

If you have more than twenty five guests who need to be seated, we offer additional chairs for a fee.  We also set up and break down your decorations so that all you have to do is show up and get married!

For $675.00, we have four beautiful options.  One is our Sea Bliss package, which includes up to twenty five ceremony chairs, a white wooden arbor decorated with seashell accents, and seashell chair hangers.  

This is perfect for those looking for a complete beach theme, who want to enhance the natural beauty already provided by the ocean.  

Our Purple Passion option has a bamboo arch with purple fabric, green hydrangea accents, and purple chair sashes.  This option brings a royal look to your wedding, while still allowing a beach theme.

If you are looking for a more ethereal approach, the white elegance package uses a bamboo arch with white fabric and white flower accents.  

The starfish chair hangers add a whimsical touch to your wedding that your guests will love.  For beach goddesses, our Ivory Elegance package uses a bamboo canopy with Ivory fabric and white and ivory flowers. 

The fabric is tied back with the color of your choice.  Starfish chair hangers complete the look.

For $825.00, you can upgrade your look with a more elaborate décor scheme.  Ocean’s Window features a three window bamboo arch, white fabric and a choice of tie backs, and sea grass to line the aisle.  

If you want a more vibrant ceremony, Tropical Sunrise is a pop of color with a bamboo arch and pink and orange fabric.  

To create a paradisiac appearance, tropical flowers accent the arch, and starfish and raffia ties hold the fabric back.  Pink and orange chair sashes complete the color scheme.  

The Sea Glass Package is perfect for the couple who loves the natural jewels of the sand.  The bamboo canopy is decorated with blue and turquoise fabric, mazanita, and white starfish.  

Blue and turquoise chair sashes and green organza flower accents complete the look.

At the top of the line, our two $900.00 packages include the Summer Citrus, which uses turquoise and aqua fabric, orange organza flower tie backs, turquoise chair sashes, and willow branch aisle décor.  

The Bare Elegance Package is for the natural but elegant couple, with eight foot manzanita trees, lush wedding florals, white wedding benches, and basket and crate accents.

We have many wedding packages available and other beach wedding ideas in Florida for any couple looking to decorate their beach wedding with Perfect Florida Beach Weddings.

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Wedding Planners Clearwater FL – Hiring the Perfect Planner for Your Florida Beach Wedding

Choosing the right wedding planner for your wedding can be difficult. Finding the best wedding planners Clearwater FL just got easier.

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun.  After the thousands of details, and running the day before and of the wedding, brides and grooms often look back on the experience as stressful and time consuming- if they didn’t hire a professional wedding planner!Wedding Planners Clearwater FL  

At Perfect Florida Beach Weddings we provide wedding planning services that will ensure you have a fun-filled, stress-free day.

Wedding Planners Clearwater FL, Making Your Big Day Easy

When hiring a wedding planner, you first want to assess your needs.  Think about the amount of time and involvement you want to spend on planning your wedding.  

Remember, even if you are hiring a full wedding coordinator, you’re not relinquishing the rights to your wedding.  This is your day, and your planner is there to make sure your vision is realized.  

They are there to hold vendors accountable to what you have been promised, and translate your needs into industry terms to make sure they are understood and fulfilled.

If you think you would like someone on hand with you for the entire process, you want to look at full service.  

We provide a Concierge service package for only $3,000.00, which includes an on-hand planner to be readily available to work out the details.

This planner is basically your full time representative throughout the planning process, and makes sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

If you do not have a specific vision in mind beyond a beautiful beach wedding, and would like to fully trust our planning team to pre-select vendors, décor, and handle details for you, your wedding planner fee drops to $1,700.00.  

This package is popular because with our vast experience, you can trust our pre-selected vendors to provide you with a beautiful wedding experience.

Some brides just want to plan everything themselves!  We completely understand that, but we know that you won’t want to worry about handling the outcome of all of your planning on the big day-  you’ll be too busy enjoying your wedding!  

We have a package for $999.00 that covers the day of the wedding, and has our planner managing the details while you sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sometimes all the options can be overwhelming.  A la carte services are only $150.00 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.  

This means you can call at any time with a specific issue for our planner, and you’ll be billed only for the time you use.  While our packages are more economical for brides who think they may use our services, this option works for brides who just have a simple question, and can be added to our basic package.

Getting married on the beach is the dream of many brides.  There are, however, certain precautions to be made and details to be sorted out to ensure that you have your perfect wedding day.  

If you are a couple that wishes to truly enjoy your special day and are looking for wedding planners Clearwater FL, make sure you are fully covered in any situation with Florida Beach Wedding’s planning services.

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Beach Wedding Reception Packages

Beach Wedding Reception Packages

Beach weddings in Florida are absolutely gorgeous, but planning one can be trying. Do you really want to test your patience planning not only the wedding, but the reception as well? A lot goes into planning a reception from obtaining a venue, caterer, bartender, photographer, and more. It would be much easier to hire someone to take care of it for you.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can plan a custom beach wedding reception packages tailored just for you. With our resources, we can make it affordable and tasteful.

Treasure Island Beach Wedding Reception

To give you an idea what planning a beach wedding reception involves, here is a little more detail on what to expect of you go the DIY route.

Beach Wedding Reception Packages: The Venue and Decor

The venue is where everyone you’ve hand selected to be a part of your magical day will gather to feast and celebrate your union. Maybe you’ll have your ceremony there as well. You call, but the day you want isn’t available, or it’s more expensive than you thought. After a few calls to different locations, you finally get a date locked in.

The venue will provide table and chairs for your guests, but in most cases won’t provide any decoration. You will have to arrange for décor and any help setting it up. Arranging décor can be fun. But, it has to be set up the day of, and it can take time away from more important things, like getting married.

Tented Lions Club Treasure Island Beach Wedding Reception

So, a friend or family member has offered to set up the dĂ©cor for you. This is one less thing for you to worry about, and this person even offered to help. You are still inconveniencing someone that is more than likely attending your wedding. Maybe it’s the Maid of Honor and you feel it’s her duty to help. Everyone, including wedding party members, deserve time to get ready and enjoy the day.

Beach Wedding Reception Packages: Catering and Bartenders

After you have the venue and decor squared away, you must hire a caterer. You have the perfect company in mind, but find out they aren’t available for the date you need. You don’t want to go through the process of finding another venue, so you don’t end up with the caterer you wanted. You make more phone calls and perhaps spend more money than you wanted to.

Sunset Vistas Treasure Island FL Wedding and Reception Package

Not all caterers provide bartenders, and the one you’ve selected does not. You call around and find a bartender. But, he isn’t available for the date you need, or isn’t willing to go out to your reception location.

Lions Club Outdoor Reception

What has just been described is what you may end up dealing with if you plan your reception on your own. There are some brides that would relish the opportunity to plan, organize and see everything through. But not all brides feel this way. Let Perfect Florida Beach Wedding take care of planning your beach wedding reception. We also provide packages for the ceremony, décor, and we offer planning services as well for the bride looking for “full service”.

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Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

You shouldn’t have to compromise on the date of the wedding, especially if it holds a special meaning to you. If that date happens to fall on a weekday, that may end up being more of a benefit than you realize. With advance notice, even out of town guests can make a weekday event. Sending your save-the-date cards 8 months in advance is enough time to afford any guest time to plan.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers weekday wedding packages. We are THE place to go for help planning your perfect, Florida beach wedding. In addition to our weekday package, there are many other benefits of having a weekday wedding.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Cost Effective

The cost effectiveness of a weekday wedding cannot be emphasized enough. Saving every penny on items of less importance, means more funding to buy things that warrant any extra cost. Almost everything you need for a wedding is always cheaper when purchased for use during the week.

Why is this? Saturdays, of which there are only 52 per year, are the most popular day of the week for weddings. There are people chomping at the bit to get their preferred Saturday, and they will pay more for the privilege. In contrast, there are 261 weekdays in the year, and less people vie for them.

Each of the following are cheaper for use on a weekday:

  • Venues
  • Vendors
  • Catering
  • Airline travel
  • Hotel costs
  • Flowers

The savings depend on who you are working with and your negotiation skills. Your best bet is to have two dates, one weekend and one weekday. For venues and caterers, you will have to call and request quotes. Other items, like airline tickets and hotel rooms you can quote online. For example, an online quote for a resort hotel room on Clearwater Beach, 8 months in advance showed a difference of $70 per night. The same can’t be said for car rentals, but carpooling is always an option and is better for the environment too.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding


Having a weekday wedding improves your chances of getting your first pick of everything. The venue, the caterer, the flowers, the officiant – everything. The beautiful beach wedding you’ve dreamt of having is now closer to reality, at a better price. As an added bonus, weekdays mean the likelihood of beach visitors is greatly diminished. You can quite literally, have it all at a much reduced price.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Out of Town Guests

Out of town guests are less likely to attend weekday weddings due to inconvenience. If you do not have many “out-of-towners”, and they fail to show, you’ll end up with a close knit circle of friends to spend time with on your special day.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding would love to be there for you on your day. Instead of doing all the leg work yourself, let us take care of it for you. We offer packages for ceremonies, décor, reception, wedding planner services, and of course our weekday wedding special. Call us today at (813) 852 – 2795, or contact us online to discuss your perfect Florida beach wedding!

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Florida Beach Wedding Packages vs. Planning Yourself

Florida Beach Wedding Packages vs. Planning Yourself

Honestly, planning a wedding especially – a destination beach wedding – involves a million little details that take up a lot of time which is why so many couples opt for our Florida beach wedding packages. With our beach wedding packages, you can choose from a number of options to customize your wedding to suit your specific style and let us worry about the rest.

On the other hand, some couples choose to take a more DIY approach because they feel like they can’t get the wedding of their dreams with a wedding package or just like dealing with the traditional details.

To aid in deciding whether or not to choose Florida beach wedding packages from Perfect Florida Beach Wedding or to plan-it-yourself, we have put together a handy comparison.

Beach Wedding Packages

With Florida Beach Wedding Packages you get a lot of bang for your buck.  All of our ceremony packages include your choice of beach, filing of marriage license, officiant, and photographer but we also offer décor and reception packages to complete your special day at an amazing price. When you book an all inclusive beach wedding and reception package with Perfect Florida Beach Wedding, you get complimentary access to our complete line of reception decor including linens and centerpieces.

Wedding packages are low-stress. Apart from choosing amongst our various packages and being available to answer a few questions, we take care of everything for you. This includes setting up, cleaning, catering, and even entertainment for a small fee.

Packages are also time-efficient. They can be planned relatively quickly since we work closely with most of our vendors and materials are readily available. Please note that décor packages are available on a first come first serve basis.

Plan-it-Yourself Beach Wedding

Although planning a wedding on your own is incredibly time consuming, it allows you to build your wedding piece-by-piece and customize the details to match your personality and style. Every detail can be chosen to make a statement as you present yourself to the world for the first time as a Mr. and Mrs.

You have to stay organized and keep it all together. When planning your wedding by yourself, you will really have to think of everything like linens and chairs all the way down to the toilet paper and cleaners. Additionally, you will need to navigate through quite a bit of legal paperwork and red tape especially if you live a long ways from Florida and don’t have a wedding planner.

Either option is a viable choice, but I highly urge you to give us a call or contact us for more information about our Florida Beach Wedding Packages. We love making dream weddings come true at an affordable cost.

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