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Florida Wedding Beaches

Florida Wedding Beaches Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can help you find just the right beach for your dream come true wedding! Whether it’s a small beach wedding for just the two of you, or a large affair with guests, we have some of the best wedding beaches in the world right here in Florida, including Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg Beach. Let’s get started with some questions about what you want from your Florida wedding beach:

1. Location:

Are you planning to stay at a beach resort? If so, what is the beach like where you will be staying? It’s certainly convenient to be able to walk straight from your room to your wedding.

2. Parking:

How many guests are you inviting and will they need to park? There are some Florida wedding beaches that offer much better parking than others.

3. Reception:

Some Florida wedding beaches have covered areas that you can rent for your wedding reception. Are you having a reception or dinner at a restaurant? Why not pick a beach that is close by so it will be easy for everyone to travel to your wedding reception?

4. Expense:

Most of the Florida wedding beaches are free but their are a few that will cost a few dollars. Most have metered parking and at least one (Sand Key Park) requires an event fee. There are advantages to some of these locations that might make it worth the added expense. It’s a lot of questions, I know but the great thing is that we’re here to help. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding’s trained professionals can answer all your questions! Also, you can get more information on Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg Beach by clicking the links. You get unlimited access to our expertise so that you can concentrate on all the other details that you have on your mind. Call us at 813-852-2795 and we’ll answer all your questions!

Wedding Couple Walking on Florida Beach
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