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Florida Beach Wedding Photography


Florida beach wedding photography is a little bit different than average wedding photography. First, there’s the beach to contend with. A wedding photographer who has spent a lifetime working inside churches can find themselves in a bind when photographing a Florida beach wedding. There are a lot of different reasons for this but the most obvious one is the lighting. Most wedding photographers spend their lives taking pictures in situations where the surroundings are darker than the subject. For a beach wedding, it’s exactly the opposite. The bride and groom are darker than the sand and the sky. This is why you see so many vacation pictures where you can’t make out the people’s faces.

Then there’s the sun. Unlike an indoor wedding, a Florida beach wedding has light that is changing constantly. A good wedding photographer must be able to adapt on the fly to changing conditions so that the moment is not lost. Most Florida beach weddings take place just before sunset when the light is best for incredible wedding images. Unfortunately, it also means the light is changing fast and it requires a photographer who knows how to work just as quickly to capture the perfect moment before the light is gone.


Florida Beach Wedding Photography
Florida Wedding Photography


Your wedding pictures are the only thing that will outlive your wedding day. In fact, they will outlive you. Your first priority when choosing a Florida beach wedding provider should be the photography. Many beach wedding providers treat the photography like just another “part” to be ordered for your wedding. Beach wedding photography is a special talent. It requires skill and training as well as the right equipment. Don’t settle for someone with a Canon Rebel set to “auto” when it comes to capturing your wedding.

When choosing the right Florida beach wedding photographer it all starts with one simple thing: Look at the pictures. It doesn’t take much to quickly see which companies have the best beach wedding photographers. This criteria alone will help you to quickly narrow down your search for the company that will make your Florida beach wedding the most special day of your life.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding has partnered with Tampa wedding photographer Booray Perry to provide stunning images from your special day. Booray is a fine-art wedding photographer who provides the photographers used by Perfect Florida Beach Wedding (in fact, you might even get Booray himself as your photographer!).


Booray is a published Tampa wedding photographer, member of the Professional Photographers Association of America and the Tampa Area Professional Photographer’s Association. He is a noted teacher of photography technique and lighting.

Our commitment to quality photography is unmatched in the industry because we feel that any wedding, regardless of size, should still have fantastic photography to preserve the day forever. This is why, in addition to images on disc, we also offer custom designed albums and professionally retouched prints.

Click here to visit Tampa Wedding Photographer Booray Perry’s website.

Florida Beach Wedding Photography

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