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Wedding Gift Etiquette for Destination Weddings

There is no huge secret when it comes to wedding gift etiquette for destination weddings especially when proper protocol is followed.  I often see a lot of my couples asking guests to forgo gifts due to the cost of traveling for their Florida destination wedding. Seriously, who wants to drag a blender to the beach just for the couple to figure out how to get it back home? If you’ve been invited to a destination wedding or plan to host one, here are some of my tried and true tips destination wedding gifts.

Wedding Gift Etiquette for Destination Weddings: Tips for Brides

The best thing a couple throwing a destination wedding can do is let guests know that their ‘presence is their present’ since plane tickets, hotel rooms, and a rental car costs can quickly add up and become a big investment of both time and money.  It is not required to opt out of gifts but remember it is actually bad etiquette to not send/post as much detail as possible for your guests. Include these details on your wedding website; it is in poor tastes to put gift-giving guides on your wedding invitations.  

Favors for Destination Wedding

As a destination bride, we highly encourage that you take advantage Amazon’s features where guests can opt to have wedding registry gifts shipped automatically to your address. If opting for another online registry, a polite line on your wedding website specifying whether to send gifts directly to your home or a family residence if you and your fiancé don’t live together yet will ensure that you are not stuck carting a bunch of gifts back home. Additionally, a lot of our couples host a celebration at home where wedding gifts can be received.

Wedding Gift Etiquette for Destination Weddings: Tips for Gift Giving

Traveling to a destination wedding with gifts is not only a burden for you but also on the bride and groom who have to figure out how to get all their gifts back home. We often see guests giving cards as gifts for our destination brides but we urge you to send cards or cards with checks directly to the address provided by the couple. Hiding a handful of checks or cash during the honeymoon can pose serious issues for the bride and groom.

Sometimes couples opt out of gifts for destination weddings but do not assume this is the case, unless otherwise specified, a gift is still expected. However, it is safe to assume that will all the extra travel expenses your budget will be considerably less. Don’t feel pressured to spend more than you are comfortable with or that your budget will allow on a wedding that is not yours!

Gift Etiquette for Destination Wedding

Simply put, there is no reason to drag a wedding gift thousands of miles in your checked luggage only to have the couple ship it back home. There is not logic in this. Instead, do what most people do and send a wedding gift as soon as you receive an invitation whether or not you are attending. This way you don’t have to take it with you and the couple will be home to receive it rather than having packages build up on their doorstep while they are out of town.

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Wedding Gift Etiquette for Destination Weddings was last modified: March 17th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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