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Marriage License for Treasure Island Beach Weddings

You’ve planned your Treasure Island beach weddings and booked with Perfect Florida Beach Weddings, and now the special day is fast approaching!  Before you say “I Do”, you’ll need a very important document to make sure you are married in the eyes of the law- your marriage license.  Getting a marriage license in Florida is easy to do as long as you prepare yourself with these simple steps.        

You can obtain your marriage license at any county courthouse in the State of Florida.  You do not need a blood test to obtain a marriage license.  You will need identification for both you and your future spouse, such as a license, Florida State ID card, or passport. Some counties may have additional requirements, so make sure you call and ask the county clerk’s office before you waste a trip!  Usually, you must both be present when you get your marriage license. If you have been married before, you will be required to provide the date of your divorce or the date of your previous spouse’s death.       

Treasure Island Beach Weddings

A Florida marriage license has an associated fee of $93.50.  If you complete a licensed pre-marital course, you can reduce these fees.  Completing this course also waives the mandatory waiting period that you must go through once you have received your marriage license.  After your license is obtained, there is a three day waiting period before you can get married.  You may wish to rush out and get your marriage license right away, but your license is only valid for sixty days.  You must get married within the sixty day period, or your license is no longer valid and you must obtain a new marriage license.       

If you are not a Florida resident, you can still obtain a Florida marriage license.  In fact, if you are a non-resident you can obtain your marriage license and get married the same day, without a waiting period.       

Once you’ve obtained your Florida marriage license, you will be ready to get married!  On the day of your wedding, make sure your officiant has your marriage license so that they can sign it and notarize the document for the courts.  Once the document is signed, you will submit it to the court where you received it.  You can do this in person, or by mail.  The court will then provide you with a copy to keep for your records.       

At Perfect Florida Beach Weddings, it is our priority to ensure that your Treasure Island beach weddings goes smoothly and flawlessly.  If you are unable to visit the court during regular hours, there is an alternative available that will still allow you to get your marriage license.  Florida Marriage License Express can collect your information and obtain your license, then send it to us directly to hand over to the officiant on the day of your wedding.       

Your marriage license is necessary to have a legal marriage in the state of Florida.  At Perfect Florida Beach Weddings, we are happy to take care of and advise you on the details associated with getting married, so that you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful beach wedding.

Marriage License for Treasure Island Beach Weddings was last modified: December 2nd, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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