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How to Save Money on Destination Weddings

How to Save Money on Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are the ultimate way to celebrate your union away from home. They combine, travel and exotic locales to create the perfect storm of romance. Destination weddings create memories to last a lifetime, and every time you look through your wedding photos you’ll be transported back to paradise. Such memories can come with quite a hefty price tag.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding excels at helping people plan their special day from the reception to photography. In this post, we  are going to teach you how to save money on destination weddings several different ways.

Keep It Local

Keeping you wedding venue within the U.S. will cut the cost of your wedding by more than half. If you still wish to travel to an exotic destination like Belize or Bali, save it for the honeymoon.

If your desire for a destination wedding stems for want of a tropical setting, not many states can compete with the Sunshine State. Florida’s white sandy beaches, palm trees and gorgeous sunsets are hard to beat.

Off Season

Florida as well as the other beach destination states are a huge draw for tourists, for the exact same reason you want to visit. Because of this, certain times of the year offer better travel bargains. The better bargains are typically during off season months like December and January. While that time of year may not seem ideal, remember, it’s Florida. Unless it’s an El Nino year, you can pretty much be guaranteed weather in the 70’s. ClearwaterSt. PeteTreasure IslandIndian Rocks Beach, and Madeira Beach are excellent choices for beach weddings on the West coast of Florida.

Use Local Flora

​ ​Instead of importing flowers from Amsterdam or some other exotic country, use the local flora to your advantage. Planted floral beds are beautiful and because it’s already there, you don’t have to pay for it.  And honestly, Florida beaches are lovely enough on their own.

Limit Your Guest List

When you keep your guest list to close family and friends, you can spend more on the reception. Having an intimate affair can be by far, much more meaningful to you. You’ll be able to spend more one on one time with the people that mean the most to you.

Eliminate Unnecessary Wedding Bling

In all the excitement, it’s easy to overspend. Some items, while seemingly innocuous, can will up. In the end, you’ll see these impulse buys for the unnecessary expense they are. Don’t waste money on a personalized fragrance, or cheap party favors for your guests. Use a perfume you already have, and choose tasteful but simple parting gifts.

Ultimately, if you can afford to travel to another country for a wedding, do it. But you’ll save much more if you have you wedding closer to home. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding is the perfect solution. You can have a beautiful beach wedding, with all the beauty and charm Florida beaches have to offer. Call us today at (813) 852 – 2795, or contact us online to request more information on planning your affair.

How to Save Money on Destination Weddings was last modified: March 17th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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