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Hashtags for Beach Weddings

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These days, having creative hashtags for beach weddings that can be used on social media like #twitter #instagram and #facebook is something people expect. While it’s true that 10 years ago this wouldn’t be something the #happycouple needed to add to their #weddingplanning list, nowadays it makes it easier for couples to have a place where wedding pictures are easily sorted. It’s a clever way to get people who are already snapping photos of your destination wedding to consolidate and easily find their “#professionalweddingphotography .“

Creating and using wedding hashtags for social media is great for the bachelor/bachelorette party, traveling, and other aspects of a destination wedding. We’ve some pretty crafty wedding hashtags as well as some pretty terrible ones and there are plenty of resources and hashtag wedding generators out there to help get the creative juices flowing.

Sunset Beach House Wedding

As wedding planners we see our fair share of wedding hashtags, so to ensure that your #wedding hastag inspires, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding has put together a few tips for creating hashtags for beach weddings.

You have opted for a beach wedding because you want the atmosphere to be lighthearted and fun; use puns, idioms, or popular euphemisms to keep your wedding hashtag playful. Another way for easily remembering your social stamp is to use alliteration or your last name. For example, a recent bride was taking her fiancé’s last name, Poole, and their hashtag was #PooleParty2015.

Remember there is no registration or procedure on Instagram or Twitter for hashtags; anyone can just use it. That is why you want to make sure your hashtag is the only one for your destination celebration. Using #Beachbash might get a random collection of other people’s photos mixed in with your Instagram wedding photos.

If you want your wedding hashtag to be unique, fun, and easy to remember use these rules of thumb for creating a beach wedding hashtag.

  • Be specific so all your guests know which hashtag to use.
  • Make it easy to remember so nobody gets it wrong.
  • Make it unique by doing a test search for the #hashtag to see if others are using it. Double check it again right before the wedding.
  • Incorporate “wedding” words like hitch, love, weds, happilyever, or newlyweds to increase the social media appeal.  
  • Make your hashtag funny, punny, or a little extraordinary.

Using apps like WedPics can also be a great way to keep pictures all in one place. Just be sure to send an info card in the mail and have instruction cards at the wedding to get everyone on the same page. Additionally, include information on the card if you plan on having an unplugged beach wedding and encourage guest to post pictures of the celebration like the reception, dinner, and getting ready rather than of the ceremony. This not only shows respect for the couple but also the professional beach wedding photographer.

Hashtags for Beach Weddings was last modified: March 17th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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