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Florida Beach Wedding Photography: Photography Wedding Packages

Florida Beach Wedding Photography: Photography Wedding Packages

In just about every post we stress the importance of Florida beach wedding photography and hiring a professional with the qualifications and experience needed for your beach wedding. Often, we get asked why we don’t include pictures in our ceremony packages and there are several reasons for this.

Beach Wedding Picture

First, we understand that consumers don’t like having to purchase goods that they don’t want or need simply because it’s included in a package deal. Pictures are an emotional and very personal purchase by nature and each and every client wants something different. Some destination brides just want to purchase digital images so they can print pictures when they get back home while others prefer to purchase a canvas to display on their wall or even an album to share with their family. Everyone wants to relive the memories of their wedding day in a way that evokes the most emotion out of them when they look at the pictures.

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Of course, every bride needs a Photographer, but the photographic product that they choose is based more on what each client wants and how it makes them feel. It’s for this reason, that when we put together our Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony Packages, we decided that we would include a professional photographer but then let the client choose what they want to purchase.

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Another reason we don’t include pictures in our ceremony packages is budget. Like our brides, each is different. The Wedding Budget is an important factor and we want our clients to have the option to choose photography products that fit within their budget. We aren’t trying to break the bank as our couples walk back up the Aisle!

Weekday Beach Wedding Package


Purchasing the pictures after the Ceremony allows for two things. One, you can purchase what you want and can afford. Additionally, we allow you to share the Gallery link with your friends and family member so they too have the option to purchase what they want.

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Perfect Florida Beach Wedding does offer Photography Packages that include an archive disc of all images from the Wedding Day. These packages are available to our clients who book an All Inclusive Beach Wedding & Reception Package or book a minimum of 4 hours of Photography time with our photographers.



For more details and pricing of our wedding or photography packages, contact us online or via phone.

What would you include in your wedding photography package?

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