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Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

You shouldn’t have to compromise on the date of the wedding, especially if it holds a special meaning to you. If that date happens to fall on a weekday, that may end up being more of a benefit than you realize. With advance notice, even out of town guests can make a weekday event. Sending your save-the-date cards 8 months in advance is enough time to afford any guest time to plan.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers weekday wedding packages. We are THE place to go for help planning your perfect, Florida beach wedding. In addition to our weekday package, there are many other benefits of having a weekday wedding.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Cost Effective

The cost effectiveness of a weekday wedding cannot be emphasized enough. Saving every penny on items of less importance, means more funding to buy things that warrant any extra cost. Almost everything you need for a wedding is always cheaper when purchased for use during the week.

Why is this? Saturdays, of which there are only 52 per year, are the most popular day of the week for weddings. There are people chomping at the bit to get their preferred Saturday, and they will pay more for the privilege. In contrast, there are 261 weekdays in the year, and less people vie for them.

Each of the following are cheaper for use on a weekday:

  • Venues
  • Vendors
  • Catering
  • Airline travel
  • Hotel costs
  • Flowers

The savings depend on who you are working with and your negotiation skills. Your best bet is to have two dates, one weekend and one weekday. For venues and caterers, you will have to call and request quotes. Other items, like airline tickets and hotel rooms you can quote online. For example, an online quote for a resort hotel room on Clearwater Beach, 8 months in advance showed a difference of $70 per night. The same can’t be said for car rentals, but carpooling is always an option and is better for the environment too.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding


Having a weekday wedding improves your chances of getting your first pick of everything. The venue, the caterer, the flowers, the officiant – everything. The beautiful beach wedding you’ve dreamt of having is now closer to reality, at a better price. As an added bonus, weekdays mean the likelihood of beach visitors is greatly diminished. You can quite literally, have it all at a much reduced price.

Benefits of Having a Weekday Wedding

Out of Town Guests

Out of town guests are less likely to attend weekday weddings due to inconvenience. If you do not have many “out-of-towners”, and they fail to show, you’ll end up with a close knit circle of friends to spend time with on your special day.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding would love to be there for you on your day. Instead of doing all the leg work yourself, let us take care of it for you. We offer packages for ceremonies, décor, reception, wedding planner services, and of course our weekday wedding special. Call us today at (813) 852 – 2795, or contact us online to discuss your perfect Florida beach wedding!

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