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Beach Wedding Reception Packages

Beach Wedding Reception Packages

Beach weddings in Florida are absolutely gorgeous, but planning one can be trying. Do you really want to test your patience planning not only the wedding, but the reception as well? A lot goes into planning a reception from obtaining a venue, caterer, bartender, photographer, and more. It would be much easier to hire someone to take care of it for you.

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can plan a custom beach wedding reception packages tailored just for you. With our resources, we can make it affordable and tasteful.

Treasure Island Beach Wedding Reception

To give you an idea what planning a beach wedding reception involves, here is a little more detail on what to expect of you go the DIY route.

Beach Wedding Reception Packages: The Venue and Decor

The venue is where everyone you’ve hand selected to be a part of your magical day will gather to feast and celebrate your union. Maybe you’ll have your ceremony there as well. You call, but the day you want isn’t available, or it’s more expensive than you thought. After a few calls to different locations, you finally get a date locked in.

The venue will provide table and chairs for your guests, but in most cases won’t provide any decoration. You will have to arrange for décor and any help setting it up. Arranging décor can be fun. But, it has to be set up the day of, and it can take time away from more important things, like getting married.

Tented Lions Club Treasure Island Beach Wedding Reception

So, a friend or family member has offered to set up the décor for you. This is one less thing for you to worry about, and this person even offered to help. You are still inconveniencing someone that is more than likely attending your wedding. Maybe it’s the Maid of Honor and you feel it’s her duty to help. Everyone, including wedding party members, deserve time to get ready and enjoy the day.

Beach Wedding Reception Packages: Catering and Bartenders

After you have the venue and decor squared away, you must hire a caterer. You have the perfect company in mind, but find out they aren’t available for the date you need. You don’t want to go through the process of finding another venue, so you don’t end up with the caterer you wanted. You make more phone calls and perhaps spend more money than you wanted to.

Sunset Vistas Treasure Island FL Wedding and Reception Package

Not all caterers provide bartenders, and the one you’ve selected does not. You call around and find a bartender. But, he isn’t available for the date you need, or isn’t willing to go out to your reception location.

Lions Club Outdoor Reception

What has just been described is what you may end up dealing with if you plan your reception on your own. There are some brides that would relish the opportunity to plan, organize and see everything through. But not all brides feel this way. Let Perfect Florida Beach Wedding take care of planning your beach wedding reception. We also provide packages for the ceremonydécor, and we offer planning services as well for the bride looking for “full service”.

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