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Beach Wedding and Reception Packages – 9 Great Ideas & Favors

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

Beach weddings are uniquely beautiful, and are personal to the couple who is getting married.  Choosing the best beach wedding and reception packages can be stressful. 

Having a beach wedding says a lot about you as a couple, and it’s important that your personality shines through in every detail.  

At Perfect Florida Beach Weddings, we’ve planned thousands of Florida beach weddings, and we’ve seen all types of wedding favors.  Some are tried and true, and some are truly unique.  

Here are 9 of Our Favorite Ideas for Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

  • Custom Flip Flops are fun and appropriate.  Guests love kicking off their dress shoes and throwing on a comfy pair of flip flops to get their beach dancing on!  You can order flip flops in a variety of colors, and even customize them to leave a message in the sand as the wearer walks around.
  • Message in a bottle favors are adorable and a keepsake that your guests will take home and look at in remembrance for years to come.  These can be a DIY project, or ordered from a professional service, and come in various sizes.  We love the mini-bottles with a thank you message from the couple.
  • Sand Dollar Soap is useful, pretty, and goes with your theme.  A soap maker can use different colors, scents, and ingredients to create your preferred combination.
  • Personalized Compasses can be on the more expensive side, but they are something your guests can keep forever.  If the compass has a lid, you can even double these as seating cards so that your guests can find their table.
  • For the wedding full of fun loving guests, Flip Flop Bottle Openers are the way to go!  These bottle openers are made of metal and are in the shape of a flip flop.  They’re fun, useful, and long-lasting- a great combination for any wedding favor!
  • If seashells are your thing, you can actually order Personalized Seashells with your names, wedding dates, and Perfect Florida Beach Wedding location.  The print is typically on the top of the shell, which can be chosen from a selection of customizable sea shells.
  • Sunscreen with a custom label is a practical favor for your beach wedding guests!  They come in different kinds of bottles, and you can even order some with a carabiner clip so your guests can clip them to their pants or purses and hang on to them throughout their stay.
  • Paper Hand Fans are always appreciated in the Florida heat, and guests love their vintage appeal.  You can put a custom message on them, a picture, or just pick a color you love.
  • Tropical Flavor Lollipops are a huge hit and an ice breaker.  Guests will trade with their neighbors to get their favorite flavor, so using a custom label that is uniform among the guests is recommended.

        With these fun beach wedding and reception packages and favors, you can stay true to your theme, thank your guests for their attendance, and let a little of your personality shine through!  To start planning your beach wedding, call Perfect Florida Beach Wedding and speak to one of our experts.

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages – 9 Great Ideas & Favors was last modified: May 16th, 2016 by Bobbi Perry, "Your Florida Beach Wedding Specialist"

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