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Beach Wedding Tips

Don’t Book a Resort Destination Wedding

Don’t Book a Resort Destination Wedding

Some see resort destination weddings as the perfect answer to all their nuptial needs. Resorts are immaculate, providing a beautiful setting for the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. No need to travel to a separate location from the ceremony to the reception, and the catering is all taken care of. After the festivities, guests can simply go to their rooms or enjoy the amenities of the resort. No need to travel for the honeymoon either, because you are already there. Everything. All in one convenient location.

An alternative route to a resort wedding that many brides wished they had gone is to hire a company to organize your wedding at a local beach. This is a more affordable option, and you have more say in the catering and decor.  Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can tailor your beach wedding to your specifications at an affordable rate.

Many who have booked as resort destination wedding become disappointed and disenchanted with their decision and discover that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Ironically, what people find ideal about resort destination weddings end up being drawbacks.

Where Is Everyone?

The top complaint to guests attending resort destination weddings is the cost. Unless you plan on paying for your guests’ travel expenses and hotel stay, you can expect a small turn out. Many people will not be able to make it because they just can’t afford to.

What Honeymoon?

Of the few guests that are able to make it will be your parents and in-laws. The convenience of not having to go anywhere, gets eclipsed by the fact that your family will be constantly around. While this doesn’t sound like a drawback, think about it. You’re relaxing in the hot tub getting some PDA time in with your spouse, when out of no where, “YooHoo! Fancy seeing you here! Did you all do the hanky-panky last night?” Followed by profuse giggling from the older set. You won’t have a whole lot of privacy.

Passports & Paperwork

If you book your resort destination wedding outside the U.S., you and your guests will have to arrange for passports. The traditional passport book costs $110, plus $25 execution fee. If it’s your first passport, you must apply in person. Standard processing time takes 6 weeks, although some have reported it taking as long as 6 months.

Also, some countries have different requirements for a legal marriage. Civil ceremonies are recognized as marriage in some foreign countries, but a religious ceremony alone is not accepted in the U.S.

Suffice to say, there are certainly a few cons to booking a resort destination wedding. Think about the alternative route and hire a company to organize your wedding at a local beach. It will be more affordable and you’ll be happier with the end result. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can tailor your beach wedding to your specifications at an affordable rate. Call us today at (813) 852 – 2795, or contact us online to discuss your plans.

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Hashtags for Beach Weddings

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These days, having creative hashtags for beach weddings that can be used on social media like #twitter #instagram and #facebook is something people expect. While it’s true that 10 years ago this wouldn’t be something the #happycouple needed to add to their #weddingplanning list, nowadays it makes it easier for couples to have a place where wedding pictures are easily sorted. It’s a clever way to get people who are already snapping photos of your destination wedding to consolidate and easily find their “#professionalweddingphotography .“

Creating and using wedding hashtags for social media is great for the bachelor/bachelorette party, traveling, and other aspects of a destination wedding. We’ve some pretty crafty wedding hashtags as well as some pretty terrible ones and there are plenty of resources and hashtag wedding generators out there to help get the creative juices flowing.

Sunset Beach House Wedding

As wedding planners we see our fair share of wedding hashtags, so to ensure that your #wedding hastag inspires, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding has put together a few tips for creating hashtags for beach weddings.

You have opted for a beach wedding because you want the atmosphere to be lighthearted and fun; use puns, idioms, or popular euphemisms to keep your wedding hashtag playful. Another way for easily remembering your social stamp is to use alliteration or your last name. For example, a recent bride was taking her fiancé’s last name, Poole, and their hashtag was #PooleParty2015.

Remember there is no registration or procedure on Instagram or Twitter for hashtags; anyone can just use it. That is why you want to make sure your hashtag is the only one for your destination celebration. Using #Beachbash might get a random collection of other people’s photos mixed in with your Instagram wedding photos.

If you want your wedding hashtag to be unique, fun, and easy to remember use these rules of thumb for creating a beach wedding hashtag.

  • Be specific so all your guests know which hashtag to use.
  • Make it easy to remember so nobody gets it wrong.
  • Make it unique by doing a test search for the #hashtag to see if others are using it. Double check it again right before the wedding.
  • Incorporate “wedding” words like hitch, love, weds, happilyever, or newlyweds to increase the social media appeal.  
  • Make your hashtag funny, punny, or a little extraordinary.

Using apps like WedPics can also be a great way to keep pictures all in one place. Just be sure to send an info card in the mail and have instruction cards at the wedding to get everyone on the same page. Additionally, include information on the card if you plan on having an unplugged beach wedding and encourage guest to post pictures of the celebration like the reception, dinner, and getting ready rather than of the ceremony. This not only shows respect for the couple but also the professional beach wedding photographer.

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Beach Wedding Etiquette

Beach Wedding Etiquette

I’m sure you’ve been to a church wedding before where “traditional etiquette” take precedence but how familiar are you with proper beach wedding etiquette? The majority of my destination wedding brides don’t adhere to the standard way of doing things. They tend to be more relaxed and are looking for a stress-free wedding where they can still include friends and family. To help, we have put together some tips so you are ready for your next wedding on the beach.

Beach Wedding Etiquette: Attire

Most brides who choose a beach wedding do so due to the relaxed and carefree atmosphere. More often than not the outfit you choose to don will reflect this. Beach weddings are casual which means cotton dresses, shorts, flip-flops, or even bare feet can be expected. A bride will usually let guests know in advance what the dress code will be so that everyone is comfortable in the sun and sand throughout the ceremony. For more information on What to Wear to a Beach Wedding, check out some of our other posts on Beach Wedding Attire.

Beach Wedding Etiquette

Beach Wedding Etiquette: Where to Sit?

The side that everyone sits on in a traditional ceremony goes out the window with the exception of the parents for beach weddings. Guests are generally told that “It’s open seating so please take a seat on either side.” Some couples even opt to walk down the aisle together which makes sitting on one side over the other a mute point.  

Beach Wedding Etiquette

Beach Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays for What?

Guests are typically responsible for their hotel rooms, transportation to and from the destination, and any activities or meals outside of wedding events. The bride and her family traditionally pay for bridesmaids’ lodging and the groom and his family pay for the groomsmen. Also, the bride’s family covers the cost of the reception and ceremony while the groom’s family pays for rehearsal. However, more often than not, couples opt for our All-Inclusive Wedding and Reception Packages and pay for it all themselves.

Beach Wedding Etiquette:Social Media

Social media wedding etiquette is constantly evolving with new apps and technology comes new rules. There are several wedding apps like wedpics which allows couples to keep guests wedding photos in one place and facebook groups are always a good secondary means of communicating with guests. There are many other outlets available to help convey wedding related information like registry info, child-care issues, where to send gifts, etc. As a rule of thumb whether hosting or attending a beach wedding is to be graceful and tactful at all times even when using social media.

The casual nature of a Florida Beach Wedding calls for a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere. This is why you see such a difference is beach wedding etiquette versus the typical traditional church wedding etiquette.

We’ll be happy to answer any beach wedding etiquette questions you may have, give us a call or contact us today.

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How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost

Traditional weddings are expensive; between the venue, food, dresses and tuxes, flowers, officiant, and license you can expect to pay somewhere around $20,000! Sending couples deep into debt before the marriage even begins. On the other hand, due to its typical informality, the cost of a beach wedding can be much less expensive.

Of course, the exact cost of a beach wedding depends on many of the same factors, like venue and attire, but Perfect Florida Beach wedding is here to help and keep you out of the poor house.

In general, I always advise my brides to KISS: keep it super simple; whether we are talking about decorations or location. So, how much does a beach wedding cost?


A DIY wedding on a public Florida beach can cost $200-$2000 or more depending on the number of guests and how elaborate the set-up is. You will often pay $2-$8 per chair with a minimum delivery charge of $50-$125. It is important to note that the delivery charge does not include set-up; it is simply for curbside drop off and additional fees will be assessed for certain distances and other conveniences. Add in the cost of an officiant ($50-$400), beach permit ($25-$300), and marriage license ($10-$100+) and you’ve got yourself a pretty expensive shindig. However, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers ceremony packages that include your choice of beach, filing of Marriage License, marriage ceremony/Officiant, and photographer starting at only $599.

Florida Beach Wedding 002 (Sides 3-4) (2)


Once again, décor can be inexpensive for relatively simple and low-key designs or upwards of $1500 for more intricate and involved schemes. For example, a wedding arch can run you between $200-$500 depending on sturdiness and material and whether you rent or buy while chair sashes will add another $2-5 per chair to your rental costs. Not to mention, flower accents, personalized signs, or aisle décor. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers beach wedding décor packages in a variety of colors and styles to take care of all the little details for you.

tampa baywatch wedding 001



Receptions can often be the most expensive part of a beach wedding since you will have to rent a separate venue, contend with catering minimums, hire bartenders, DJ’s, florists and photographers. In effort to save money you could always eliminate a bar and offer buffet style fare or you can book a Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Reception Package and let us bear the burden for you.

Civitan Beach Clubhouse

Two other factors that you will want to consider when determining how much does a beach wedding cost are attire and transportation as both can eat up a large portion of your budget. If your Florida beach wedding is a destination wedding, you can expect to pay a bit for travel and accommodations. However, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can set you up with our travel agent who can arrange group rate pricing at a location close to the Beach Wedding and Reception. Also, check out our 2015 Beach Wedding Dress guide and Beach Wedding Attire for Men blog posts to avoid paying for tux rentals or an over-the-top wedding dress.

Sunset Beach House Wedding, Treasure Island FL

Of course, you could just avoid jumping through any hoops and book a Perfect Florida Beach Wedding All-Inclusive wedding package for one low price. We have a wedding package for everyone on almost any budget. For the best prices, inquire about our Monday-Thursday Wedding and Reception packages and find out how much your perfect Florida beach wedding costs.

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Planning a Beach Wedding on a Budget

Planning a Beach Wedding on a Budget

Like most women, you have probably been dreaming of your special day since you were a little girl. The dress, the cake, the venue, all previously envisioned and even though you may have dreamed about all the little details of your perfect Florida beach wedding, your adult self is probably dreaming of something a little more affordable.

Well, you are in luck! One of the best things about beach weddings over traditional church weddings is that they can save you a little bit of money. With Perfect Florida Beach Wedding packages, it’s easy to plan a Florida beach wedding on a budget and still have the ceremony you’ve been dreaming of since childhood. St Pete Beach Wedding on a Budget

Weddings can be expensive but if you follow our tips for planning affordable beach weddings you can not only save a pretty penny but also have the perfect Florida beach wedding on a budget.

  1. Set and plan your wedding for a weekday. The nice thing about having a Florida beach wedding is that the weather is nice year-round. Unfortunately, this means we don’t have your typical “off-season” that starts around Memorial Day but you will see significant costs savings in hotel fees and wedding packages. A HUGE upside to a weekday wedding is that the beaches are near empty allowing you to enjoy your special day without the tourist. Contact Perfect Florida Beach Wedding for more information on our Monday-Thursday All Inclusive Wedding and Reception Packages.    
  2. Keep the event simple, ever heard the term KISS—Keep It Super Simple! I know this may sound easy enough but weddings are emotional and brides have so much on their mind that they often add “one more thing” to the event every time they talk to our wedding planners. These little things tend to add up and more details equal higher costs. Our associates can help you prioritize and keep your beach wedding on a budget.   
  3. Decorations should be informal and correspond with the beach theme. Of course, there are some great DIY ideas like filling vases with sand and shells. Most brides already have enough on their plate which is why Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers affordable beach wedding décor packages that are absolutely gorgeous, like the Tropical Sunrise Décor Package.  
  4. Use real flowers that are in season. Although silk flowers are cheaper than real flowers, they are not allowed on Florida beaches due to the risk of being blown away and littering the coast and water. Consider using real flowers that are in season  instead of exotic tropical florals that must be imported at large costs. We arrange floral orders for our clients with our own in house wholesale florist for brides to get the best possible price and pass those savings to our clients.
  5. Food also adds to the overall cost of affordable beach weddings. Keep food casual like BBQ or buffet-style and consider offering a limited bar such as Beer and Wine only.

For more information on planning a beach wedding on a budget or how we can make your special day super affordable, give us call and ask about our all-inclusive Beach Wedding and Reception Packages.

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Beach Wedding Ideas for 2015

Beach Wedding Ideas for 2015

There are so many unique and creative ideas for beach weddings that we have put together a list of swoon-worthy ideas whether you are actively planning the perfect Florida beach wedding of your dreams or just browsing for inspiration. Without further ado, here are our top 20 favorite beach wedding ideas for 2015 in no particular order.

  1. Send your guests save-the-date starfish.
  2. Have your guest give you a Beach Ball Send off as you walk down the Aisle as Mr. and Mrs.Beach Ball Send Off - Florida Beach Wedding
  3. Let the flower girl sprinkle shells or carry a princess wand instead of flowers.
  4. If you are planning a Reception, consider a weekday to save extra cash.
  5. Choose a live musician like steel drums or acoustic guitar instead of recorded music to add a personal touch.
  6. Provide a beach candy bar in lieu of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.
  7. Set up a s’mores station on the beach.
  8. Use paper lanterns to decorate and release them once it gets dark.
  9. Offer sunglasses as party favors.Sunglasses for Beach Wedding
  10. Have a program that doubles as a fan.Florida Beach Wedding Program Fans
  11. Add decorative touches using hand-painted driftwood.
  12. Set up a cornhole board in the sand.
  13. Place a “Shoes Optional” sign and basket for guest.Shoes Optional Sign and Basket
  14. Use coral or shells instead of the traditional cake topper.
  15. Have shells or Coral hold name cards at your tables or write seating assignments directly on sand dollars.Beach Themed Name Holders for Beach Wedding
  16. Fashion a bouquet from shells.
  17. Have floral leis for guest or bridal party accessories.
  18. Use starfish as aisle adornments.
  19. Send off the bride and groom in a boat.
  20. Add a tropical feel by using pineapples as centerpieces.

Of course, you could always nix the DIY and opt for one of Perfect Florida Beach Wedding’s affordable all-inclusive beach wedding packages.

What are your beach wedding ideas?

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