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Beach Wedding Attire & Decor

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages – 9 Great Ideas & Favors

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

Beach weddings are uniquely beautiful, and are personal to the couple who is getting married.  Choosing the best beach wedding and reception packages can be stressful. 

Having a beach wedding says a lot about you as a couple, and it’s important that your personality shines through in every detail.  

At Perfect Florida Beach Weddings, we’ve planned thousands of Florida beach weddings, and we’ve seen all types of wedding favors.  Some are tried and true, and some are truly unique.  

Here are 9 of Our Favorite Ideas for Beach Wedding and Reception Packages

  • Custom Flip Flops are fun and appropriate.  Guests love kicking off their dress shoes and throwing on a comfy pair of flip flops to get their beach dancing on!  You can order flip flops in a variety of colors, and even customize them to leave a message in the sand as the wearer walks around.
  • Message in a bottle favors are adorable and a keepsake that your guests will take home and look at in remembrance for years to come.  These can be a DIY project, or ordered from a professional service, and come in various sizes.  We love the mini-bottles with a thank you message from the couple.
  • Sand Dollar Soap is useful, pretty, and goes with your theme.  A soap maker can use different colors, scents, and ingredients to create your preferred combination.
  • Personalized Compasses can be on the more expensive side, but they are something your guests can keep forever.  If the compass has a lid, you can even double these as seating cards so that your guests can find their table.
  • For the wedding full of fun loving guests, Flip Flop Bottle Openers are the way to go!  These bottle openers are made of metal and are in the shape of a flip flop.  They’re fun, useful, and long-lasting- a great combination for any wedding favor!
  • If seashells are your thing, you can actually order Personalized Seashells with your names, wedding dates, and Perfect Florida Beach Wedding location.  The print is typically on the top of the shell, which can be chosen from a selection of customizable sea shells.
  • Sunscreen with a custom label is a practical favor for your beach wedding guests!  They come in different kinds of bottles, and you can even order some with a carabiner clip so your guests can clip them to their pants or purses and hang on to them throughout their stay.
  • Paper Hand Fans are always appreciated in the Florida heat, and guests love their vintage appeal.  You can put a custom message on them, a picture, or just pick a color you love.
  • Tropical Flavor Lollipops are a huge hit and an ice breaker.  Guests will trade with their neighbors to get their favorite flavor, so using a custom label that is uniform among the guests is recommended.

        With these fun beach wedding and reception packages and favors, you can stay true to your theme, thank your guests for their attendance, and let a little of your personality shine through!  To start planning your beach wedding, call Perfect Florida Beach Wedding and speak to one of our experts.

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How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost

How Much Does a Beach Wedding Cost

Traditional weddings are expensive; between the venue, food, dresses and tuxes, flowers, officiant, and license you can expect to pay somewhere around $20,000! Sending couples deep into debt before the marriage even begins. On the other hand, due to its typical informality, the cost of a beach wedding can be much less expensive.

Of course, the exact cost of a beach wedding depends on many of the same factors, like venue and attire, but Perfect Florida Beach wedding is here to help and keep you out of the poor house.

In general, I always advise my brides to KISS: keep it super simple; whether we are talking about decorations or location. So, how much does a beach wedding cost?


A DIY wedding on a public Florida beach can cost $200-$2000 or more depending on the number of guests and how elaborate the set-up is. You will often pay $2-$8 per chair with a minimum delivery charge of $50-$125. It is important to note that the delivery charge does not include set-up; it is simply for curbside drop off and additional fees will be assessed for certain distances and other conveniences. Add in the cost of an officiant ($50-$400), beach permit ($25-$300), and marriage license ($10-$100+) and you’ve got yourself a pretty expensive shindig. However, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers ceremony packages that include your choice of beach, filing of Marriage License, marriage ceremony/Officiant, and photographer starting at only $599.

Florida Beach Wedding 002 (Sides 3-4) (2)


Once again, décor can be inexpensive for relatively simple and low-key designs or upwards of $1500 for more intricate and involved schemes. For example, a wedding arch can run you between $200-$500 depending on sturdiness and material and whether you rent or buy while chair sashes will add another $2-5 per chair to your rental costs. Not to mention, flower accents, personalized signs, or aisle décor. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding offers beach wedding décor packages in a variety of colors and styles to take care of all the little details for you.

tampa baywatch wedding 001



Receptions can often be the most expensive part of a beach wedding since you will have to rent a separate venue, contend with catering minimums, hire bartenders, DJ’s, florists and photographers. In effort to save money you could always eliminate a bar and offer buffet style fare or you can book a Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Reception Package and let us bear the burden for you.

Civitan Beach Clubhouse

Two other factors that you will want to consider when determining how much does a beach wedding cost are attire and transportation as both can eat up a large portion of your budget. If your Florida beach wedding is a destination wedding, you can expect to pay a bit for travel and accommodations. However, Perfect Florida Beach Wedding can set you up with our travel agent who can arrange group rate pricing at a location close to the Beach Wedding and Reception. Also, check out our 2015 Beach Wedding Dress guide and Beach Wedding Attire for Men blog posts to avoid paying for tux rentals or an over-the-top wedding dress.

Sunset Beach House Wedding, Treasure Island FL

Of course, you could just avoid jumping through any hoops and book a Perfect Florida Beach Wedding All-Inclusive wedding package for one low price. We have a wedding package for everyone on almost any budget. For the best prices, inquire about our Monday-Thursday Wedding and Reception packages and find out how much your perfect Florida beach wedding costs.

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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

When you get invited to a beach wedding, your first thought is probably “yay, vacation!” which quickly turns to “but what will I wear?”  Figuring out what to wear to a beach wedding is not always easy. Thankfully, for you, I’ve seen my fair share and have put together this handy list of Do’s and Don’ts for men and women when deciding what to wear to a beach wedding

Casual Beach Wedding Attire

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding Do’s

  1. Follow traditional etiquette. Even though it is a beach wedding, don’t wear white or try to upstage the bride.  
  2. Wear a lightweight fabric that is cool. You don’t want to sweat off all your makeup in the first five minutes on the beach. Consider a flowing sundress, caftan, or maxi dress for a casual beach affair.
  3. Pick shoes that can easily be slipped off. This is a beach wedding and you will almost certainly be walking in the sand. Classy flip-flops, slide sandals, or sturdy wedges are typical go-to footwear.
  4. Sport sunglasses. The sun is bright, especially on the beach in Florida. Protect those baby blues from UV rays by wearing sunglasses. You want to actually see the ceremony and not squint through it.  
  5. Complement your beach wedding wear with bold accessories.


What to Wear to a Beach Wedding Don’ts

  1. Pull a Marilyn. Short dresses will blow up in the wind. I recommend a dress knee length or longer in a lightweight fabric. Because this is a beach wedding, it is perfectly acceptable to wear pants; culottes, linen drawstrings, and jumpsuits make good alternatives.
  2. Wear hats; especially ones that are easily blown off. The last thing you want is for your big floppy beach hat to blow off and down the beach mid-ceremony.
  3. Wear pantyhose. Often this is an afterthought for most women but the wind blows sand which will get stuck inside and leave you terribly uncomfortable finding every hiding spot available to fix yourself.
  4. Heels! These are just gigantic no-no’s at a beach wedding unless you plan on twisting/breaking your ankle. The heels, no matter how adorable, will sink in the sand and you will be walking with your toes to the sky.
  5. Wear a long sleeve shirt. Guys have a hard time deciding what to wear to a beach wedding too and this one is specifically for male attendees. You should avoid wearing a long sleeve shirt especially if you are prone to sweating. Opt for a short-sleeve or wear an undershirt to prevent underarm wetness. Also, see our tips on Beach Wedding Attire for Men.

The most important part in deciding what to wear to a beach wedding is finding something that you are comfortable in that matches the style of the ceremony whether casual or formal.  

For more ideas on what to wear to a beach wedding check out our other Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Blogs and beach wedding pictures.

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Beach Wedding Ideas for 2015

Beach Wedding Ideas for 2015

There are so many unique and creative ideas for beach weddings that we have put together a list of swoon-worthy ideas whether you are actively planning the perfect Florida beach wedding of your dreams or just browsing for inspiration. Without further ado, here are our top 20 favorite beach wedding ideas for 2015 in no particular order.

  1. Send your guests save-the-date starfish.
  2. Have your guest give you a Beach Ball Send off as you walk down the Aisle as Mr. and Mrs.Beach Ball Send Off - Florida Beach Wedding
  3. Let the flower girl sprinkle shells or carry a princess wand instead of flowers.
  4. If you are planning a Reception, consider a weekday to save extra cash.
  5. Choose a live musician like steel drums or acoustic guitar instead of recorded music to add a personal touch.
  6. Provide a beach candy bar in lieu of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.
  7. Set up a s’mores station on the beach.
  8. Use paper lanterns to decorate and release them once it gets dark.
  9. Offer sunglasses as party favors.Sunglasses for Beach Wedding
  10. Have a program that doubles as a fan.Florida Beach Wedding Program Fans
  11. Add decorative touches using hand-painted driftwood.
  12. Set up a cornhole board in the sand.
  13. Place a “Shoes Optional” sign and basket for guest.Shoes Optional Sign and Basket
  14. Use coral or shells instead of the traditional cake topper.
  15. Have shells or Coral hold name cards at your tables or write seating assignments directly on sand dollars.Beach Themed Name Holders for Beach Wedding
  16. Fashion a bouquet from shells.
  17. Have floral leis for guest or bridal party accessories.
  18. Use starfish as aisle adornments.
  19. Send off the bride and groom in a boat.
  20. Add a tropical feel by using pineapples as centerpieces.

Of course, you could always nix the DIY and opt for one of Perfect Florida Beach Wedding’s affordable all-inclusive beach wedding packages.

What are your beach wedding ideas?

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Beach Wedding Attire for Men

Beach Wedding Attire for Men

The best part of a Florida beach wedding is the atmosphere; its relaxed, calm, and full of sunlight and sea breeze. Your attire should reflect the ambiance. Earlier this month, we focused on the ladies highlighting our advice for picking their 2015 Beach Wedding Dresses. Now, we will shift our focus to the fellas and show you the trends in beach wedding attire for men.

  1. Nix the Tux. Once again, Florida is hot pretty much year-round and unless you want to suffocate, forget the tuxedo.  January and February are perhaps the only times of the year where it’s cold enough to don a tux and not die from heat exhaustion.
  2. Get comfortable. Right now, linen pants or khaki shorts with White Wedding Shirt also know as a Cuban Shirt seem to be the most popular choices for beach wedding attire for groom. However, if you want to be a little more on the formal side, you may want to consider pairing suit pants with a white shirt and vest. Ties and bowties are a little less common on the beach. Beach Wedding Attire for Men
  3. Footwear optional. Barefoot beach weddings are the best because sand tends to go everywhere and you have absolutely no control over it. For that same reason you should not go with dress shoes.  If you must have shoes, opt for a sandal or flip flop. Besides who doesn’t love the feel of the sand beneath their feet?
  4. Add a splash of color. Color Shirts for men’s beach wedding attire seem to be on the rise. It is a great way to coordinate with the wedding’s color scheme without going over the top. Men’s casual beach attire can also include Hawaiian shirts as long as you choose a slightly muted pattern.

Florida Beach Wedding Attire for Men In all honesty the best beach wedding attire for men is something comfortable and casual unless otherwise stated on the invitation.  There are so many ideas for what a groom can wear for a beach wedding and still look stylish and confident.  You can go with any of the above suggestions and add sea-inspired accessories like starfish or shell boutonnieres, nautical ribbons, or bright tropical flowers and you are good to go.

What does your favorite beach wedding attire for men look like?

For more information about Perfect Florida Beach Wedding or to book your All-Inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package, contact us today.

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2015 Beach Wedding Dresses

2015 Beach Wedding Dresses

I always give the same advice to my brides when they are looking at beach wedding dresses and even the trends for 2015 beach wedding dresses follow my advice. Trust me, I’ve seen it all and I’m here to help make your wedding the best day of your life. In order to maximize your comfort, wow your guests (and groom), and produce gorgeous pictures that you will cherish for as long as you both shall live, here are my tips on selecting the perfect 2015 beach wedding dress.

  1. Choose a lightweight fabric. It’s hot in Florida pretty much year-round. The last thing you want to do is sweat off all your makeup in the first five minutes and feel like you are suffocating in fabric all day. You will be uncomfortable and it will show. Instead choose a lightweight fabric which will not only allow your body to breath but also blow gracefully in the ocean’s breeze.Florida Beach Wedding Attire 1
  2. Opt for a dress without a train. Although beautiful in a church setting, trains can be difficult to manage in the wind. It also easily picks up sand, seaweed, and other items off the beach as you walk. I’ve even witnesses a beach wedding dress with a train turn a greenish-yellow hue by the end of the night. Not Cute! However, if you absolutely insist on choosing beach wedding dresses with a train, consider one with a simple bustle.
  3. Consider a short beach wedding dress. A short dress with cute embellished sandals is the perfect option to keep your wedding low-key and somewhat casual. Of course, there are a variety of options when it comes to short beach wedding dresses from curve hugging to A-line and the best part is that they easily transition from the aisle to the reception party.Short Beach Wedding Dress
  4. Beware of strapless dresses. If you are choosing a strapless beach wedding dress, carefully consider the type of bathing suit you will be wearing in the days leading up to your wedding day. Often, brides will get to their destination beach wedding location to stay at the resort a day or two before their actual wedding day and don’t think twice before throwing on the halter top to enjoy a few waves. Unfortunately, this can lead to unsightly tan lines with almost any strapless dress.Strapless Beach Wedding Dress
  5. Nix the veil. I do not recommend purchasing a veil to match your beach wedding dress unless you also plan to purchase veil weights. In the event that the breeze is blowing in the opposite direction of where you are standing at the altar, the veil will just be in your face the entire ceremony. This is not only annoying but will also hinder your photographer’s ability to get amazing shots of you on your wedding day.

Florida beach Wedding 003 (Sides 5-6) (2)

These five tips for selecting the perfect 2015 beach wedding dress will ensure that you will look and feel absolutely fabulous on your wedding day.

What does your beach wedding dress look like?

For more information about Perfect Florida Beach Wedding or to book your All-Inclusive Florida Beach Wedding package, contact us today.

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