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Florida Weddings On The Beach

You’ve always wanted to have a beautiful Florida beach wedding. Now that the date is set it’s time to plan for everything you will need to make your wedding day the most special day of your life. Planning a Florida wedding on the beach can be a daunting task. It starts out fairly simple… You need someone to perform the ceremony. Then you decide you want a nice arch with drapes. Flowers are important, of course… you’ll need a bouquet and flowers for the bridesmaids.

Florida beaches don’t come with chairs so you better get some of those. What if it’s windy? Will the guests be able to hear the vows? Do we want music? Suddenly your Florida wedding on the beach has become a huge project! The whole point of getting married on the beach is to have a beautiful location without all the hassle of booking a church and now you find yourself with all these details to work out. That’s why you need Perfect Florida Beach Wedding and our beach wedding packages and wedding planner services.

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Ceremony Packages
Simple, Stress-Free Beach Wedding Ceremony Packages for every Bride.
Beach Wedding Decor Packages
Choose from a selection of Pre-Designed Décor or Create your own Custom Look!
All-Inclusive Beach Wedding Packages
Everything you need to plan the Perfect Beach Wedding.
Beach Wedding Planner Services
Services designed to create your dream custom wedding.
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Planning Your Florida Beach Wedding

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding takes the worry and stress out of planning a Florida wedding on the beach. You only have to make one call and we take care of the rest. Our service is hands-on and we are available seven days a week for questions and planning. You’ll rest easy knowing that you have someone taking care of all the little details of your wedding so that you can relax and enjoy the day.

It all starts with a phone call or email: (813) 852-2795 Florida Beach Wedding Packages

Talk to Bobbi and tell her about your dreams for your wedding on the beach. Together, you’ll plan the perfect day that you, your friends and family will always remember.

Florida Beach Wedding Photography

Florida beach wedding photography is perhaps the most important single element of an incredible Florida beach wedding. No matter how beautiful your day is, the memories will eventually fade and the pictures will be all that remain to tell the story.

Beach wedding photography is an art unto itself. You can learn more about why your wedding photographer is important and how to tell the difference between good and bad on our wedding photography page. The first piece of advice when choosing your beach wedding planner is simple: Look at the pictures. Beach wedding photography is a hit-or-miss proposition. The best wedding photographers are usually working big weddings on the weekend and aren’t available for a small beach ceremony. This has led to many beach wedding companies doing their own photography.

Make no mistake about it, simply owning an “expensive” camera doesn’t mean you take good pictures any more than owning an expensive bicycle makes you Lance Armstrong. Perfect Florida Beach Wedding has partnered with Booray Perry Photography to ensure that you receive incredible beach wedding photography. Photographers are approved by Booray personally and must meet his standards for artistic merit. In many cases, Booray himself will be your photographer.

You can view Tampa Bay Wedding Photographer Booray Perry’s website here.

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Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Testimonials
“I would definitely recommend Perfect Florida Beach Wedding. Bobbi makes the day so easy and enjoyable.” Mike and Katie

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding Hearts
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